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Privacy specialists for the Benelux and beyond.

Where technology meets law

The use of technology goes hand in hand with privacy and data protection compliance. Complying with privacy laws can help to avoid fines, and also gives companies a competitive edge in the market. It strengthens the relationship companies have with their customers and employees.

Privacy and data protection compliance is not without challenges. Technology continues to expand without geographical limitations, whereas the law and business practices still differ from country to country. The law also is by design slow, and can often not keep up with digital advancements.

The lawyers and experts at FIRST PRIVACY are unique. We are specialized and only concentrated on solving the complexities that surround privacy and data protection compliance. Our teams are multinational and multilingual, allowing us to provide companies with support for the Benelux and beyond.

With 20 years of privacy experience, we are aware of the newest business practices, and understand how to provide pragmatic, creative, hands-on support, while providing support to help guard companies against privacy risks.

20 +
Years experience
90 +
Experienced lawyers
1500 +
Company’s DPO

Our services

We offer specialized and targeted support in the fields of privacy, data protection, and information security.

Unique mix of services

Our services cover all statutorily prescribed requirements and beyond, such as:

  • Creating and maintaining a record of processing activities (ROPA);
  • Assessing high-risk operations through privacy impact assessments (so called DPIA);
  • Guiding companies in case of data breaches and notification obligations;
  • Creating privacy notices and policies;
  • Solving marketing challenges relating to consent and cookies;
  • Assessing international data transfers (so called DTIA);
  • Supporting you in responding to requests of individals;
  • Providing expert opinions and white papers.

Data Protection Officer

As prescribed by several privacy legislation, companies are often obliged to appoint a data protection officer (DPO). The primary role of the DPO is to ensure that your organization processes the personal data entrusted to it in compliance with the applicable data protection law.

Internal DPOs often have additional roles and may lack the required resources, knowledge, experience and network of privacy professionals available at FIRST PRIVACY.

FIRST PRIVACY with its 20 years of experience, provides external DPO services, allowing companies to efficiently outsource the DPO position. As part of the DSN GROUP we are currently appointed as DPO for more than 1500 companies globally, allowing for a condensed knowledge pool and business continuity.

Gap analysis

We offer gap analysis to document and evaluate the existing privacy and data protection compliance status of companies.

Effective workshops are performed, allowing us to be efficient and tailor our questions to your particular needs. This avoids the frustration of having to go back and forth via email and therefore also minimizes the time required to complete the analysis.

As a result of the gap analysis, the current status of compliance is determined, high risks identified, immediate priorities highlighted and actionable recommendations are provided.

Global support

Our multinational team of lawyers is available to support companies globally.

We find it essential, that companies can rely on us as a one-stop-shop for multinational support, e.g. GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, LGPD, PDPL, 152-FZ, CETS No. 108 as well as national implementation laws, case law, and authority opinions.

About us

FIRST PRIVACY is a consultancy specialized in corporate data protection, based in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bremen (Germany). We provide legal advice on both the general legal framework and on the countries’ specific privacy legislation, with an international team of lawyers and experts.

FIRST PRIVACY is a member of the DSN GROUP, the largest provider for data protection services in Germany, acting as external data protection officer for more than 1.500 companies and 20 years of hands-on experience. The group currently has a team of more than 90 specialized lawyers and 20 IT-Security specialists.

Within the group, FIRST PRIVACY focuses on consulting companies in the Benelux and worldwide, from SMEs to international company groups.

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